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Dr. Soul,
I had read an article in a magazine in which you had reduced your use of foriegn components by up to 80%. What is the reason for this?
Ralph Eusden

Well it was really time for us to do something in supprt of and respect for the unemployed in this country. We have required from our suppliers the source of their products. Addintionaly we have aquired a woodshop and use of 100% American hard rock maple. It is often difficult to determine orgins of things like paint we have reduced our foriegn consupmtion to less than 5%. Furthermore we offer up to 50% discount to anyone who has been unemployed for 60 days or more. Thanks Ralph for your interest in Soulboards. We are trying to do our part to help our fellow countrymen. Especially the military serving in Iraq and Afghanastan. Our special thanks got out to companies like Randall trucks, Orangatang wheels, Oust Bearings, Dregs skateboards, Sector 9 and Arbor, Honey and all the other USA made companies.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I was googling for a store to buy a new longboard and I came across a link called "Silverfish Long boarding" and I went there but they have no longboards for sale. Instead I found numerous banner ads and message boards about long boarding and all the various brands that are out there. I am studying marketing and this site seems to be a system to sell advertising on a free space provided by goggle. Do you think that this is misleading because how do I know if these are reputable companies? Can anyone buy a banner ad on
Samuel Wisenhut

We looked at the site and it does have some important information about longboarding, but I think you are correct that the overwhelming idea here is and advertising business. They sell advertising space like a magazine, but do not sell, longboard or any other actual products. They cater to the longboard community and offer some manufacturers the opportunity to promote themselves however they information provided is un censored and can be posted by anyone so it may not always be accurate and true. The space they use is provided free and they have figured a way to profit from that so I guess they are pretty smart. They are more of a social network for the longboard community much like face book, myspace and twitter. So I guess it is a good place to go and talk to other longboarders from around the world and get information on products and events, but remember that the guys who grease the wheel may not always promote the best quality stuff.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I heard about your site from a friend at College who got an all natural 48" pintail from you. This is a such a fine longboard I have to ask how you can sell such quality at a price under $50?
Sean Kennedy

Thanks for your questions. The answer is simple. We have become the worlds largest longboard store on the web by offering customers like you a great product at a great price. We would rather make $1 a sell you a quality product than make $50 and sell you some garbage. It works out better that way for both of us. We bring a no frills product to you as well as offer the other higher end brands
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
You address yourself as Dr. Soul. Are you a Physician MD or What? You seem to know your business.
Janet Berhalter

Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I saw a line of boards called section 8 eight balls and I was wondering if this was a sector 9 owned company?
James Jeffecoat

Section 8 is a fairly new brand. They build quality boards and there is no connection between them and sector 9.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I recently purchased a longboard from another website. I had the board 1 day and it broke. When I contacted them they said basically I was out of luck, and there was nothing they could do for me. I noticed you have a 3 year warranty program . I am definitely getting my next board from Soul Boards and will never shop with those other guys again.
Morris Udall

Sometimes people make bad judgment calls and later regret it Possibly this is the case. Here at Soul Boards we always try to treat people fair and with respect.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
Please explain your 50/50 1 year warranty against all physical loss of each component. It seems too good to be true, and no one else does it.
Jeff Johnson

We Warranty most of all our products, components separately by charging you 50% of the regular retail price for replacement of each component with like kind and quality regardless of how you lost or damaged your longboard. Fire, theft, or mystery disappearance. Even if your mom runs it over, you can replace it for half price. You need to furnish copy of your receipt as proof of purchase, and there is a $15 processing fee, but you still get a replacement at a great price, and its all for being a loyal customer.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
Every board I get breaks quickly. I always go to my local shop who only sells a few sector 9 and gravity. How can I get a board that works? I weigh 295lbs
Bill Morgan

Most of our color me bad boards will support your weight as well as the fiberglass boards Laguna 40 and interceptor or Malibu. Also the complete line of puch France boards. Those flimsy sticks you are getting will never cut the mustard.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I have noticed that you have a large selection of hand painted boards. They are very affordable and seem to be great designs. I too am an artist and I cannot understand how you can sell custom work so affordable as I have to charge much more for my paintings. How can you sell at such a low price and even give discounts up to 30% off
Marty, Davis CA

We have alot of fun here giving people what they want at a great price they can afford. It is a thrill to make these boards that attract so much attention on our site. We don't make alot of money on them. We just enjoy helping the artist and the customer. thanks for your interest.
Dr. Soul

Hi Dr. Soul,
I am new to Longboard so I have 2 questions. First, what's he best Longboard for me? I weigh 100 to 110 lbs and I am 5'5-5'7. My other question is which board is better in a hot and humid climate, fiberglass or wood? Thanks
Jenny, Florida

Fiberglass such as the Laguna or Flexydeck New Malibu would give you the best carving ability especially because we use high end components such as Paris or exkate trucks and good wheels and bearings. There are also many good wood boards such as NeverSummer or Mercury. Please cull us if you have further questions.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I have know knowledge about skateboards except what I can find on the internet. I hope you can help guide me to selecting a great board under $100
Pearl Envoy, Boston Mass

We normally don't recommend a very specific board because we sell them all, but since you asked about under $100 we are off the hook a bit. Try the generic line Generics. The line is excellent and they have no graphics, but the components and selection are top notch. We sell a large amount of those as well as Factor 9 and Bombardier
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I got a Sector 9 Bamboo longboard from you abut 2 weeks ago and I have noticed a bit of swelling on the sides. It hot and damp here. Could this have an effect? It finally split and is now useless. Can I get a replacement with something that is better?
Mark, Key Largo

Bamboo is a great material for some things, but with skate boards they can pose problems. The materials are un reliable and forced together. The quality control is tough too. I suggest a NeverSummer or Flexy Deck. Bamboo is inexpensive but un reliable.

Dr. Soul,
I have heard about free skatboards but I can't find them. Can you help? I really cannot afford one for my son. I am a single mother and really struggling.
Mary Francis, Poctabell Idaho

Check out a website called they do that as a public service to people.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I weight 350 lbs. and all the boards I see in shops are the same. If you weight over 190 lbs. you are going to break them quickly and they tend to split. What can I do to get a board that works for me?
David Smith, Florida

We refer you to a good selection under the big boards. Probably the 16 laminate S&S SR-71 Blackbird is your best bet. You'll need bigger 82mm wheels and Abec 9 bearings to withstand the stress.
Dr. Soul

Dear Dr. Soul,
What's going on? What's the buzz about free complete longboards? Great idea!!
Sam, Tucson, Arizona

Dear Sam,
We have some odds and ends laying around, good quality stuff. So, instead of wholesale-ing them... we just give them away! It makes people smile. They talk to friends. It's worth a million bucks of advertising. That's it!
Dr. Soul

I'm 15 years old and love the longboard experience. I want to buy a board but I'm not sure what to buy. I'm 5'9" and weight 125 lbs. Any suggestions?
Ben, Spokane, Wa.

I would suggest a Black Fly Modified Pin 38, Black Fly Modified Pin 47, or a S&S High Seas 40. The S&S is the best quality on the market, but Black Fly makes a quality board for $99. Also consider a fiberglass Interceptor, the best-performing board on the market.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul,
I want to buy a longboard for mostly smooth carving and cruising. Your site has loads and I don't know enough about a lot of the brands to know who's better than who. But I did come across the S&S SoftRider which you reckon to be one of the smoothest, quietest carving boards around, so I'm interest in that. However, having used a couple other longboards borrowed from friends, I know that I quite like a deck that has some flex in it so that you can push it into the turn and dig in. My concern is that the deck of the S&S is described as being hard rock maple, and I don't know if that means it's a seriously rigid piece of wood or whether it's got some flex in it. Also, I guess if it is rigid, then it'll be flat, too. Any help with this or advise on a board that might fit if this one doesn't, is much appreciated. If it helps, I'm 6' and weight about 150 lbs. Please be nice and I promise to tell everyone your store's the bestest and nicest (LOL). Hell, I'll even put a sticker on my car, if you got one, and that's some free advertising around the hotbed of British surfing (yeh, we do have surf occasionally LOL) and skating.
Neil, R., Woolacombe, North Devon

Hard rock maple defines a wood commonly used in longboards for its flexibility and strength. Try the S&S Redwood, made of birch and redwood. It's a softer, smoother ride and has nice camber. Thanks for your interest,
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul (or kind staff member),
I'm old (40 will be here REALLY soon), I'm BIG (6'4" 330 lbs.). They call me Big Steve. It's OK to laugh. No one dares when they meet me face to face (imagine linebacker meets prison inmate). I want to c-r-u-i-s-e alongside my kids as they ride their bikes (they're not too fast yet!). I ride on asphalt roads primarily. My neighborhood has a few nice gradual hills. Keep in mind it's Florida and the "F" in that stands for "flat". I'm lazy and I want to push and skate for a looooooooooong time. Of course, I have to look cool (when I fall). Cost isn't an object (I stayed in skool). Yes, this is a serious inquiry. What would you recommend?
Big Steve

Big Steve,
Try the SR-71, a 58" board of 14-layer laminate. It will support your weight with nice flex. Most boards at 7-9 layers, too weak to handle you. We would substitute the large Exkate Torsion truck and upgrade to larger wheels and Abec 9 bearings.
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul?
I have spoken with several people in the neighborhood, all who have bought boards from you and we want to know how you have time to talk to each one of us since you appear to have so many satisfied customers?
Bill, Des Moines, IA

Dear Bill,
Lots of work and a great support staff!!
Thanks, Doc

Hey, Dr. Soul,
You have a great variety of longboards! And I hope you will be able to pick the best one that will suit me. Well, I just started longboarding yesterday and thought that it would be fun if I continue, but I was scared of riding at first but I got the hang of it. I think it would really help me get around here in my city. But my problem is that I don't pretty much know which longboard I should get. What I know is that I'd like one that can make easy turns, fast, smooth, strong, and one that can last forever. Also, I think I'd prefer a cruiser one where I can just go wherever I want. I am 5' 2" tall and 95 lbs. The price range I can afford is $100-150. Thanks!
Carla (14), California

Without talking with you personally, I'd have to take an educated guess. The price range you list covers most boards. The Black Fly Pin 48 at $99.95 is an excellent value, or for a shorter board, the 40" Nitro Blue Max at $139.95. Call us at 210-399-5543 and let's talk.
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul, I purchase a Sector 9 trylam from your site. I rode it once and noticed that the after it got a bit wet that the sides were starting to separate. Why did this happen and what resource do I have. The board is only 6 months old?
Yonkers, NY

John, The trylam is an attractive board. It is made of 2 man made materials and wood. They are glued together and sometimes there are errors in the adhesive process. Due to the moisture, heat and constant flex sometimes the laminates separate. We are sending you a molded fiberglass deck at no charge. A Laguna 40’ which is engineered and produced in our own plant, and you will not have this problem with a 1 piece molded board.
Dr soul

Dr Soul,
I keep hearing about the new carbon fiber boards. I can't find them in stores and apparently your company is the only one making them. I want all composite and no wood. Please tell me about these boards.
Randy Duke
St. Paul, MN

Carbon fiber is the strongest, most durable material with the flex and rigidity needed for skateboards. It is very expensive, though. The entire fuselage of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and most plane wings are made of this material. The molds are very expensive to make and this is why most people do not make them. Soul Boards is very pleased that we can offer the most technologically advanced boards in the industry. There is one company called Revolution that makes carbon fiber trick boards, but we are the only longboard manufacturer of a full 100% carbon fiber board.
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
I want to buy my 6 year old son a skateboard. What do you suggest and why?
Newport Beach CA

There are many choices for you to pick from that would be great starter boards. the Black fly 38 or 48. You could also run with a 46, but it depends on his height and weight too. Please call us at
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
My daughter has been cruising my 40" deck with 180 Randall trucks abec gumball wheels and the board has no flex with her being 90lbs. She has been doing pretty well and has been surfing for about 5 years. do you have any recommendations for a complete board?

The laguna 40 or 46 would be great for her. they come with exkate torsion trucks and 76mm krypto wheels. That should do it!!
Dr. Soul

Hey Dr Soul,
Last year I purchased the Soul Rider carbon fiber board which I use to cruise and generally tool around town on streets and sidewalks of varying degrees of smoothness. What is the best wheel/bearing combination to use on this board if I'm looking for maximum speed AND maximum comfort on the rougher sidewalks and streets (I want the softest ride I can get)? Thanks. Jason

The abec 11 70mm 78 a zig zag with abec 9 bearings is a great combo. You could also use a sector 9 81mm wheel but watch out for wheel bite, if you need softer the abec 11 gumball is perfect for rougher terrain. thanks
Dr. Soul

I went to my local shop and they only had 3 sector 9 longboards. Also the components were pretty basic looking. My question is why fo you have such an extensive line and these other guys only carry a few models?
Guy Robinson
San Marcos

Its very costly for those shops to carry alot of boards and most dealers don't want to invest that much effort into longboarding. We here at soulboards are committed to the longevity and growth of the sport. I hear that these dealers also use cheaper trucks and wheels so they can make more money. thanks
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
What is the meaning of the five star rating system?
Perry Mason

The star rating system is much like how the rate hotels and restaurants. Five is the best, four three and so on. These ratings are handed down to boards that have been inspected by LBMA and Powers. thanks
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
I see your site has Abec 9 bearings. What gives?
Rolf Georgeson

Abec is the rating system for the speed and quality of the bearing. The higher number indicates a better and faster bearing.
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
I got a Sector 9 Bamboo Zen from you and it has little bitty wheels 61mm and some cheap trucks called mission. Why not put 70 or 76mm wheels and maybe randall trucks?
Bob Bechtel
New york

We just sell them as they are made and come to us. That's the quality level of that board. I suggest you return it and get a better quality. thanks
Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul
What's all this about Fiberglass? I got a flexdeck and they say it is fiberglass. I don't look like a duck and I don't walk like a duck, and don't ride like a duck. It looks like a piece of plastic cut out of a big sheet. It sinks almost to the ground when I step on it.
Rich Gangon
New York

I guess there is one born everyday. I assume that it is a piece of plastic and just has some small bit of fiberglass in it somewhere. I would have to really examine it. I do know that real fiberglass boards such as the Laguna 46 Signature Edition which we sell is made in a vacuum mold with a real foam core. thanks
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
I'm a freshman in college and I'm new to this longboarding experience. I surf and skimboard, but I wasn't sure what kind of board and what size I should get to start out. I'm 6 foot 6 by the way and I weigh 215, any suggestions?
John Jr

With your surf and skim experience you must have good balance and be a fair athlete. Either a Soul Interceptor Fiberglass or the SR71-Blackbird 60" large board. Either would be great, but the larger board60" long and 12" wide board will give you both vertical and horizontal balance. thanks
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
Got my new Sector 9 Bamboo pintail and its a great ride. However it got a bit wet and the side is swelling up. I am concerned that it will blow out on me, and delaminate. I have only had it three months. I wonder if this is common on these Bamboo boards .
Mcnulty, Austin

Don't ride in the rain or get it wet is the only solution. Perhaps next time you should try a fiberglass Board. Thanks-
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
Can you tell me where to get free shipping? I've tried UPS, FEDEX, USPS and DHL and the all tell me there is no free lunch. I have a small retail shop and want to start selling online. I see ads everywhere on the internet for free shipping.
Cooper, Bellingham

One possible explanaton is that people Take a good quality product, but use cheaper and lower grade parts. They apply the difference to the true price and Bingo! Free shipping. Surveys have shown that "free shipping" merchants have a lower rate of customer satisfaction.
Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
I really like your Blue Interceptor, but why are they so expensive? 199.95?
Hammond, Kentucky

Its simple. Cheap goods sell at a cheap price. Ours is the best quality available. It is a true fiberglass board made right here in the USA.
DR. Soul

Dr Soul,
You say your boards are better than everyone else's, and all my friends agree, but what actually makes it a better board?
Oshkosh, WI

Good question Josh,
We use only the highest quality components made 100% in the USA. We do not use price point trucks, wheels or bearings. Even our hardware and grip are top of the line. Then we sell directly to the customer, not allowing a retailer to part out our stuff for more money and replace it with cheap components.
Thanks, Dr. Soul

Dr Soul,
What exactly is fiberglass and why use it if it is so much more expensive?
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Fiberglass is very flexible. It is used in airplane wings. It lasts virtually forever, and and extremely hard to break. It is a series of strands that are mixed with resins to form the composites. It is twice as responsive as wood, and 10 times as strong.
Thanks, Dr. Soul