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Soul Spider Escalade Spinners

Soul Spider Escalade Spinners The Soul Spider Escalade is equipped with perpetual spinning spinners. Kryptonics wheels with custom core and spinners by Skobs Industries. 28" woven carbon graphite deck with both camber and concave. Hand laminated using state-of-the-art aerospace structural resins to construct an incredibly lightweight perfect handling board. Complete weight just 3.5 lbs. It has a wheel base of exactly 19", 6.7" wide at midpoint, 5" wide at front wheels, and 4.5" wide at rear wheels. It has Seismic 8" trucks, flat 2" wheels of soft urethane and rubber. In state-of-the-art terms compare this to a Boeing 787 Dreamline, materials and construction are the same. This is the best! High performance hardware includes Black grip tape, Spinner wheels, and high-quality Abec 7 bearings.


Deck Type:Carbon Graphite
Trucks:Seismic 8
Bearings:Abec 7
Hardware:Black grip tape

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Price:$599.99 (+$0.00 shipping)
2nd Complete:$599.99 (+$0.00 shipping)

From Our Satisfied Customers...

I got my new "Escalade" Carbon Fiber Board 2 days ago and I am really impressed. I am a structural engineer working on the Dreamliner Project and work with this carbon fiber all the time. It is the absolute strongest lightest and most flexible material made today, state of the art stuff. I was amazed that you are able to do this for the price and doubted is was real woven carbon fiber. I have examined it closely and find it to be genuine and the quality and detail are near perfect. I love those perpetual spinners too. The flex is perfect and the high camber makes it work perfect for me (I weigh 230 lbs). Congratulations to your designers and fabrication, you are leaving Sector 9 in the dust!!