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Gravity Longboards Brad Edwards The Gangster

Gravity Longboards Brad Edwards The Gangster "This deck is more an evolution than it is a longboard skateboard. It's the board I've wanted my whole life but never had the capabilities or freedom to manufacture. Thanks to Gravity's patience and liberal R&D, It's finally here and better than I could explain in words. You just have to ride one to understand. Parks, hills, ditches, pools, banks, or cones it's truly an evolution." -Brad Edwards New 2010 graphic by Nick Johnson Wood: 7ply Hardrock Maple SPECS SPECS: / L:40.00" / W:9.00" / N:6.50" / T:7.50" / WB:22.00"


Manufacturer:Gravity Longboards
Deck Type:Maple Laminate
Trucks:Tracker Dart, Gullwing,Paris, Randall, Soul Ryde
Wheels:Gravity, Sector 9, Soul Ryde, Arbor or similiar 66mm
Bearings:Abec 3,5 or 7
Hardware:Hardware, Risers and Griptape
Product #:GLBEG

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